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Friday, March 22, 2013


It sure has been a crazy couple of weeks here.  With the Trunk Shows and CRYSTAL CLAY Classes.
BUT I am sure ready for the Spring to be here.  ENOUGH OF THIS COLD!!!

Had a Great Trunk Show this week.  Kendall from CAbi Clothing had a private show at URBAN CHIC HOME in Glen Ellyn on Monday night.  Below are some of the pictures from the show.  Great pieces went out the door that night.  Met some really great girls, I found out that night that two of them are moving out of state.  There was Elizabeth who is moving to Texas, she bought several great long pieces, and then there was Tammy who is moving to Tenn. she bought a beautiful black onyx wrap necklace and the "I'm To Pretty To Work" piece.  I am sure both of these Ladies will be missed by their friends.  Hope you come back and visit A Bella Bead at Urban Chic Home  when you are back in town.

Check out the scarves on these girls!  These are so SOFT and very lightweight.  Perfect accessory with the jewelry pieces.  The clothing was furnished from CAbi.  Email me at  if you are interested in purchasing these beautiful colors.  Two different styles to choose from the Infinity Scarf  ($15.00)or the Boa Scarf ($25.00).  Colors: Light Purple, Black, Gold, Pink, Burgundy, Silver Gray, White, Green and Mixed Colors.   They can be purchased at Urban Chic Home in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. 

Besides the Beautiful Gold Scarf there is a lot of great things in this photo.  The Long A Bella Bead necklace and beautiful White Agate Cross. Which SOLD the night of the Trunk Show.  

And if you haven't noticed! 
Check out our Garden Stakes. We have many to choose from this year.  I will be posting a picture of the different ones that Urban Chic Home will have in the shop.  Pictured here are the Breast Cancer Yard Stakes.  Beautifully done in a hard steel material they come with a small pink ribbon magnet on the back to put on your fridge.  These ribbons come in ALL THE COLORS for the Cancers we MUST FIND A CURE FOR!!!!  You can go onto to see the GREAT pieces that Jerry makes.   Be creative in your garden this year and place your garden stakes so they can be seen. Place your Cancer Ribbon by the front door so everyone knows your house wants a cure for this DEVASTATING DISEASE!
Next week I will show you a variety that can be purchased at Urban Chic Home.

I am really excited about this next class we are doing and if you are in the area you are welcome to come join us.  CONTACT ME AT:   

I made a duplicate of this bangle in October of last year (which I sold a week later). (The one pictured  above I just found out a week ago is the piece that Debra from Crystal Clay made for the Bead and Button show)  We are going to make this bangle in class with a little twist to it!  IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL, loved the colors and different shapes.  When I get the class dates lined up I will post them along with a picture of the Crystal Clay Bangle that will be taught.

I made this one a couple of months ago with the Tourquise Crystal Clay and the Swarovski Chaton Mix Blues and Greens.  It is Beautiful!  So watch my blog for more future information.

This week Teri asked if A Bella Bead  would do a CRYSTAL CLAY Class for our Bunco group and their daughters.  Thank You Teri for hosting this party, we all had a blast!!  And here they are, everyone of these girls inspired each other with their creative imagination and artistic inspiration.  GREAT Pendants girls, I loved each and everyone of them.

It almost didn't happen, if it wasn't for Debra at Crystal Clay I would not have had my classes.  You are so appreciated Debra, thank you so much for all your help and GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.  I am a customer for life!!   
Here are few of the pendants that were made that night out of 25 girls.  Everyone did a Great job.  We had a blast doing these pieces and afterwards had a A BELLA BEAD TRUNK Show! 
Thank you to all that came that night.

Teri used Bright Bold Blues and Clear Crystals with Smoked and Jet Black and added a hit of Blue Pastels crystals. She added the Pearl Dust on top.
Beautiful Pendant worthy of a night out on the town!

This is one that I did  for the class example.  It is done with the White Crystal Clay with Swarovski Pink, Green and Crystal Clear Chaton Crystals.  NO Dust was applied.

Cathy and her daughter Melissa decided to make the same style pendants.
Melissa told me they wear going to wear them as earrings!  LOL,  their lobes will be on the ground! 
They each did the Jet Black Crystal Clay with Clear and Smoked Mixed Chatons.  This picture does not do this pendant justice.  They are both Beautiful Pendants!


Mary Ellen did this pendant in Silver Crystal Clay with a Mix of Chatons NO dust was added.  The color of the crystals Mary Ellen used are awesome!  Pinks, Shades of Blues and Purples and a Clear Crystal with a hint of greens.  Very nice!

Candie and Lexee both did Copper Crystal Clay with the mixed Chanton Crystals.  The Copper was so pretty and the colors of the crystal really came out in full color!!  Very creative as to where they both placed their crystals.  Stands Out and walks in the room!

Sue T. did her pendant in a Silver Crystal Clay with Mixed Chantons with a Pearl Dust over it.  Sue choose beautiful BOLD Blues and Pinks along with Clear Crystal and subtle pastels.  The Pearl Dust added a extra POP!  Beautiful piece for the Spring!

ALL of these Bunco Girls and their daughters did amazing artistic designs.  I am very impressed that they inspired each other in what they were trying to do.  Each one was thinking outside of the BOX!
GREAT JOBS to everyone!
Thank you for making my class so much FUN.  Hope we can all do it again.

Gods Blessings

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring is in the air ...

And you will find Spring throughout A Bella Bead in Urban Chic Home 
491 Pennsylvania Ave, Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

A Bella Bead jewelry has been re-energized with fresh new colors and beautiful
handcrafted or re-purposed vintage pieces.   You will find vintage crosses and
crystals, multi-strand long necklaces and a array of colorful beads, trinkets and
chains as well as bracelets and necklaces to layer, long earrings bursting with color
and style. 

Bangles, earrings, necklaces and rings all clustered with Swarovski crystals.  Here is a Bangle I did in October.

Here is a Pink and CZ Ring I did in November.

Your going to find many vintage pieces and new pieces with a surprises in every
corner of A Bella Bead at Urban Chic Home.  A lot of these new finds have been
discovered while on my winter travels.  I am really excited about this year.   
I have Events to be scheduled and lots of fun and exciting things that will be brought
into the shop. 

I will be putting together several JEWELRY CLASSES and TRUNK SHOWS this year so watch for the schedules on  OR you can schedule your own A Bella Bead Trunk Show for a Ladies night out.  Contact me at to schedule a Trunk Show.

I am really excited about this next bit of news,  I am working with Kendall Dolphin.  Kendall is a Independent CAbi Consultant.  CAbi is a line of Fashion Fresh Looks inspired from Paris in Spring.  Please visit her website and get the CAbi Style you deserve from your head to your toes.
I will be making pieces of A Bella Bead jewelry to go along with these Must-Haves of the season outfits.   So all you have to do is purchase your outfit from Kendall @ CAbi and contact me at my email address and tell me what you have purchased.  I can send you a picture of the jewelry I have designed to go with the exciting pieces of clothing or you can visit A Bella Bead at Urban Chic Home in Glen Ellyn, Illinois and pick out the piece of jewelry you want.  Prices range from 25.00 to 150.00.
WINTER HOURS AR11-4 Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  CLOSED SUNDAY THUR
WEDNESDAY.  I look forward to this journey with CAbi and I hope you will all enjoy CAbi fashion line.  Please visit Kendall @ to see all CAbi fashions. 
Kendalls email is to schedule a show or a personal appointment at your convenience.
**CAbi Spring  2013 Open House Dates are as follows: 10-Noon  & 4-6  Tue-March 12th, and
April 9 & 16,  Tue -  May 7th contact Kendall at her email address for information to her Open House. 

I have one more bit of news, BUT I can't share this with you till next week!  I will have pictures and how to go about ordering next week.  So keep watching!!! 

Our rooms have been rearranged and new life has been put into old vintage pieces that were once a site to behold!  So come in and see all the different array of articles we have to revamp your every needed corner of your home.  Come in and visit and enjoy our shop with 13 vendors who express what each of us are all about!  Bring in your old jewelry and I can put life back into it by possibly combining the pieces to make a great piece of new jewelry to wear and enjoy instead of sitting in the box in your bottom drawer.   See what can be done with a draw pull or a shelf or how about that silver tray you don't know what to do with! 

I am always looking for costume jewelry so if you don't know what to do with it and want to get rid of it, email me and we can discuss.

We have the ideas and can help you! 
So until next week...

Gods Blessings to you all,

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hello Everyone!

Well it's been way to long for me not to have updated my Blog.  I do apologize.


A lot has been going on in the last 2 months and I have great things to share with you. 
I have booked several A Bella Bead Trunk Show and have made many NEW pieces that were put into Urban Chic Home in Glen Ellyn, IL. this weekend (SHOP HOURS ARE: THURS - FRIDAY - SATURDAY 11-4). 

If you are in the Glen Ellyn area, stop in Urban Chic Home and take a look at just some of the pieces that are new.  My New line is called Marie Antoinette!  The pieces take on the Paris in Spring and Marie Antoinette feel.  They are beautiful and a BIG hit!!

A new Urban Chic Home Blast has gone out and if you have not signed up for the Blast to be sent to you, you need to do that .  The Blast will tell you all about what is going on in the shop and the new items that have come in.  The Blast will also let you know about all the upcoming events. 

Below are a few of the New Necklaces that I have put together.  I hope you enjoy them.
As always if you need to reach me my email address is:

          Look for me to update with new jewelry pieces and
          the schedule of classes.

           These are just a very few of the new items for sale.
           I will start posting new jewelry pieces with prices  
           next week so keep in touch! 

Have a great week!
Gods Blessings